09 July 2013

Dorothy eats cod provencal

DOROTHY EATS FOOD EPISODE SEVEN: In which our heroine eats cod provencal, with lemons, couscous, peas, zucchini, and fish sauce, and drinks water from a big glass.

07 July 2013

Dorothy eats pizza

DOROTHY EATS FOOD EPISODE SIX: In which our heroine eats pizza, and her brother Roy makes a memorable appearance.

Dorothy eats cheesy cauliflower & rice

DOROTHY EATS FOOD EPISODE FIVE: in which our heroine enjoys a certain white veggie (with cheese) and rice, and carrots; use your fork, hon!

14 February 2010

Dorothy eats a good breakfast

EPISODE FOUR: in which our heroine affirms, after some deliberation, that apple cider does indeed taste like apples; she also eats bread with honey and butter while the set of Dorothy Eats Food is almost crashed by her little brother Roy.

03 February 2010

Dorothy eats a tuna fish sandwich

EPISODE THREE: in which our heroine eats a closed-faced tunafish sandwich and affirms that mermaids do indeed like tunafish sandwiches.

16 January 2010

Dorothy eats an orange

EPISODE TWO: in which our heroine samples oranges, eats a seed, and grows a tree in her tum.

03 January 2010

Dorothy eats a quesadilla

EPISODE ONE: in which our heroine, Dorothy June, introduces herself and presents her viewers with a delicious quesadilla, complete with salsa, sour cream (lots of it) and avocado on the half-shell. The food is sampled and deemed worthy.